Just a note to my readers…

Hey – I know that those of you who have subscribed to my blog are getting slammed with emails but that is because when I took this project on, I had decided to get all my recipes that I currently use, online so I can search them easily.  Sorry if you are getting too many emails but hopefully you will stay with me and soon they will slow down to just new ones.  

I look forward to reading your blogs as well and picking up new ideas for my cooking.

Not sure yet if I can just toss out my recipe cards yet but I hope to get there soon.  I absolutely love using my ipad in the kitchen when I am cooking.  Makes my life easier! (That is a tip I learned from my daughter.) 

I will throw in a picture of us with our grandchildren just for fun!  We have a new granddaughter since that picture was taken and she is 2 months old… yes that makes 5 girls and one little boy!  But he is getting a brother soon and that will help him out a bit!


About Judy Nevius

Married 50 years this August 2021. Love traveling and spending time with our 4 children, their spouses and our 9 grandchildren.
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